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Rustic is my take on the Fuzz Face circuit. Rustic takes my favorite aspects of the traditional Fuzz Face, retains them, and adds some other great useable features. Rustic produces about twice the output volume of a standard Fuzz Face. You can still channel the classic tones, but you don’t have to max the level control in order to do it. Since there is so much volume on tap you can crank the level control up and dial the fuzz back to get that legendary guitar volume roll off the Fuzz Face is known for. Rustic can also get some great overdrive tones by pushing more volume and dialing the fuzz back a bit. I’ve also added an external bias control. Since the voltage divider is modified in this circuit the bias control functions in more than one capacity. You can use it as a standard bias control, or you can use settings above or below the traditional range in order to get gated, oscillated and even octave sounds. Rustic is a very versatile pedal that is deeply rooted in tradition, but also steps out of that box inspiring new tones.

The name Rustic was chosen because it takes me back to a place where I learned tradition, but where I also became my own person. Rustic was designed with that same idea. Keeping tradition, but expanding on it to find your own sound.

9VDC Center negative only (You cannot daisy chain this pedal. It requires isolated power only)

Controls are as follows:
Top Left: Level
Bottom Left: Sag
Top Right: Fuzz
Bottom Right: Bias