$179.99 plus shipping.


Roadtrip is based on the MKIII circuit. The original has 3 knobs for Volume, Tone and Fuzz. We’ve added a cut knob to help you get through the mix or beef up the bottom end a bit more. Other modifications have been made to the circuit to allow for more gain range, gating, semi clean boost and overdrive tones. The MKIII is an often overlooked circuit, but we’ve found it to be a great base for a variety of sounds.

The name Roadtrip comes from one of my favorite things to do with family: get out and just go. When we plug in Roadtrip it takes us on a journey, and it’s fun to be in the driver’s seat!

9VDC Center negative only (you cannot daisy chain this pedal. It requires isolated power only)

Controls are as follows:
Top Left: Volume
Bottom Left: Tone
Top Right: Fuzz
Bottom Right: Cut