Green Shadow


$179.99 plus shipping.

Green Shadow is my take on the Buzzaround circuit. I’m a big fan of the Buzzaround circuit. In the settings I play in I could never really fully utilize the Buzzaround due to the massive amounts of volume it has. Green Shadow adds a level control into the circuit. The original sound and huge amount of gain on tap remain in tact, just with the added benefit of less overall volume. I’ve also modified the circuit to allow a bit more flexibility. The traditional gated sound and full on fuzz are still present, but rolling off the guitar volume makes for a great distortion and even a raspy fizzy fuzz tone depending on where you have the Fuzz control set. Green Shadow also offers a bit more rounded tone overall with more bass and mids present taking away some of the inherent shrillness within the circuit.
The name Green Shadow comes from a place I’ve spent many hours gaining inspiration and guidance. For me Green Shadow inspires me to try new things with my playing and coaxing new sounds from my rig.

9VDC Center negative only (You cannot daisy chain this pedal. It requires isolated power only)

Controls are as follows:
Top Left: Level
Bottom Left: Timbre
Top Right: Fuzz
Bottom Right: Balance

Demo below from Sean Gibson from TheNoiseReel